Deep Learning IndabaX 2022

The Department of Computer Science will be hosting its IndabaX on the 29th to 30th of September, 2022 with support from Deep Learning Indaba consortium, Centre for Financial Inclusion (CFI), Central Bank of Eswatini(CBE), Financial Services Regulatory Authority(FSRA) and Eswatini Communications Commission(ESCCOM). This is a workshop consisting of structured tutorial lectures and practical sessions by established researchers from multi-disciplinary fields

CISCO Networking Academy

The University and Eswatini Post & Telecomunications Corporation (EPTC) announced the resuscitation of the CISCO Networking Academy. This is a professional programme run by a team of qualified and competent trainers. CISCO Networking Academy certifies a technician's ability to install, set up, configure, troubleshoot and operate a medium-sized routed and switched computer network. This also includes implementing and verifying connections to a wide area network (WAN).

Information & Records Management Indaba 2022

The University of Eswatini (UNESWA) through the department of Computer science will be hosting an information and records management (IRM) indaba, on the 13 May 2022 at Royal Science Technology Park (RSTP). This event will interrogate and explore the different ways of managing information and records in order to improve service delivery of organisations in the digital era.

ESWATINI Innovation Hackathon

The Centre for Financial Inclusion (CFI), Central Bank of Eswatini (CBE), Eswatini Communications Commission (ESCCOM), Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) and University of Eswatini (UNESWA) with support from FinMark Trust (FMT), have jointly pioneered the Eswatini Innovation Hackathon to foster data-driven solutions and improve efficiency of and access to financial services in Eswatini.The Eswatini Innovation Hackathon will be taking place on 2 – 4 August 2019 at the University of Eswatini, Kwaluseni Campus. Come showcase your digital skills.

ICT Fair 2019

UNESWA together with Royal Science & Technology Park (RSTP), the Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Education and Training realised the need to create ICT awareness in the Kingdom of Eswatini as an economic driver in attaining His Majesty's Vision 2022. The ICT Fair was initiated in 2017, to provide a platform for students, individuals and business players in the ICT industry to get an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas, products and services to the community. ICT Fair allows kids, individuals and students to contest in various competitions such as programming and innovation contests.

PACT 2019

The Kingdom of Eswatini is very excited to host and welcome the inaugural international conference of Pan African Conference on Science, Computing and Telecommunications. The main objective of Pan African Conference on Science, Computing and Telecommunications (PACT) is to support and stimulate active productive research which could strengthen the technical foundations of engineers and scientists in the continent, develop strong technical foundations and skills and lead to new small to medium enterprises within the African sub-continent. We also seek to encourage the emergence of functionally skilled technocrats within the continent