Subject to the provision of the Academic General Regulations for the Post-Graduate programmes and the Academic General Regulations for Master’s degree Programmes, the following Special Regulations shall apply.

Entrance Requirements
The minimum entry requirements for the Master of Science in Computer Science shall be:
  • Bachelor’s degree with majors in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/ Computer Science Education/Information Technology/Information science or related discipline from UNESWA or any other recognized institution.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in any other discipline from UNESWA or any recognized institution TOGETHER WITH a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Computer Science/Information Technology/Computer Science Education/Information Science from UNESWA or any recognized institution.

Master of Science programme in Computer Science is structured for both FULL TIME and PART TIME. A student is required to take all the core courses and choose the required number of elective courses that make him/her satisfies the credits required to graduate.

Possible careers for MSc. Computer Science include but not limited to:
  • Software Developer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Academic Researcher
  • Information Officer
  • IT Consultant
  • End User Support
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Computer Networks Engineer

Semester I
  • CSC601 - Advanced Software Engineering
  • CSC603 - Advanced Research Methodology
  • CSC609 - Advanced Database Technology and Design
  • CSC611 -  Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • CSC613 - Software Auditing and Reporting
Semester II
  • CSC632 - Small Business Management and Entreprenuership
  • CSC608 - Applied Machine Learning
  • CSC690 - Graduate Seminar in Computer Science
  • CSC612 - Data Warehouse and Data Mining Technologies
  • CSC626 - Knowledge Engineering and Expert System

Semester III
  • CSC699 - Master's Thesis
Semester IV
  • CSC699 - Master's Thesis