Mr C. Mavuso
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Mr Sithole
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Cyber Security

E 5200

CCNA Cyber Security Operations

CCNA Cyber Security Operations course covers core security concepts and skills needed to monitor, detect, analyze and respond to cybercrime, cyber espionage, insider threats, advanced persistent threats, regulatory requirements, and other cybersecurity issues facing organizations. It emphasizes the practical application of the skills needed to maintain and ensure security operational readiness of secure networked systems. Target Audience include but not limited to: Security Analyst in the Security Operations Centre,   Security Incident Responder,   Network Security Engineer,  Network Engineer,   IT Auditor.

Mr Kudyachete
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Neural Networks in Finance

Deep Learning for Financial Inclusion

Application of Deep Learning models to solve problems in financial prediction and classification is inevitable. Financial prediction problems – such as those presented in designing and pricing securities, constructing portfolios, and risk management – often involve large data sets with complex data interactions that currently are difficult or impossible to specify in a full economic model. Applying deep learning methods to these problems can produce more useful results than standard methods in finance

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